Markus Stegmann

Sound named after Stone

Obscured an dimmed, cooled off
the hined anatomy
gazes amongst earthen miles
illumated skies Maria
silhouette solidified
forehead frozen vines
passing between shoulders
anchor in the sea
eye clouds clogging
empty night enlightend
lead blackberry in arms aloft
lips silenced
beast of burden a wood
earthen gaze of stone
pallid the sand of birches
bound in foliage
mute faces thinking
the present in reverse
of amber brushwood
spells stronghold
aerial mountainrider
in parachute terrain
inlungs tightly tied
to subtarrannean seas

standby power pulsating
watts electric
aerating near soft
asphalt a median lamp
espied as antlers
shadows grassless they are
stranded arhipelago
in efflorescing skies
climate sponge
grounded the stay of steel stool
taking off in tea trees
entrancend and cushioned
minutes airplaines draw their
sunned sails the noiseless
ballast-chutes behind runway
overheated in the backyard of airspace
sliding leaning and
a shoe stuck in the
railing in false fields
flowing fabric freely
throwing fringes in the air
splittingache in the middle aisle hearing
the month that follows underpose with
arms clearly leaning against it
out of the air zone the view ends up
in reverse bufferd
a head spewing hours

getting caught sidling sideways
thoughts obtained tug
away at zero frequency
results to turn back
from the remains of time
grey winds of evening
night buds out of mouth berries
reading aloud faintly looking
towards the sea arrival as if
hope and end were the same
parking place hubs
balmy breeze dead center
bright and silver
filling neither rcurring
nor expressing
mute vessels of the sea
soles with footprints
night encroaching on the clutch
the final sounds of flight
envisioning blurred faces
trailing airstrings across the dunes
out of the spotlight cone
a truck drives special minutes
along the hatched landing lines
breakers breathing in sandy shores

people packed in night storage
every evening the salty
periphery as touch terrain
departure and arrival from
seasalt and weak current
in the soft inner casing
bent araound behind pines
lemons loose meter cloth
magnetic paths ashore
written pieces of paper
schlepping sloes
that streets and widenings
are built-in endpoints
of cars parked people
ending their opposite journeys
the air-filled shell unstable
slowed down and solidified
construction sites on the ground
neither sorted nor loosened
the rubble
the dry garden
towering above the palms

of reading against the sunned end
of the day against the dull
tea lilies namens afternoon
floating and sends
the necessary night next to the
ship’s sonic sound uncertain eyes
new berries sticking to the lips
fish spawn direct
route airport aonly the reading
of a view on the sea horizon
climate machines squash emptied
forehead boxes grinding gravel
concrete at the shoved
finale of ride
with a throat outlined
leafing through a countryside
filled with secondary views
at the double marchin
of the book floating
delayed and erased neck
sewing up edges of images and
a sky next to it asphalt had as a low-slung
structure a razed eye mountain
erected and an abandoneded
message with no string a
counter with no light earth’s first day

shuffling past dry moon grass
sharp-edged rasped firs thuja
the world’solar paradise
softly sandpapered views
with deseerted eyes in the
meager beating land of lungs
grounded the fibreless kilometers
the uncomplaining places down under
of the heart matrix binding straw
and brushwood into
unconscious transitions into
days and days of waiting
the waves carry
temperatures white
like treeless views
in the gently colored haze
with southern storms drawing nigh
behind the barricade of grain
into the maw
Mars and Moon fall
the secreted
barometers shiny celestial bodies
on emergency chutes above folded
crowns of boulders imperceptibly reaped
fields with primly placed palm trees
in the overpictured book
planted idea

soud named after stone
breaks out of palatial paper
a compass
drawing spare kilometers with graveled
doubts take the nearest path to
plants sound cimmutes
containers filter and fringe
the seam of the sidings
after midnight multiple streets
grazed with narrow
eye fenders bounded
atomizers of time inscribed
in the logbook driftwood
and forgets the birch barracks
limestone dust
the front of hoof brood
branches extinguish the fire
the concrete edges on top
on the land of bygone streets
awakenend waves
white chairs watching
camp trailers
fall back into the night into
underbrush of stone defeated
time between lemons
and light blue luminous water

revolving skies in reverse
order reads the night
and awakens
last planet
satellite out of grated
light with light of birds and
jet fuel the slumber station
approaches within and films
clay covering
the heavens
reaching the end of the
comet speaks no longer
looks ans remembers
the paper-thin view
dew triangle and keeps on
exploring meter after meter
pouring clouds extinguish
a volcano seaming island
and holding
with face in shadow
the child of stone
in the air

© Markus Stegmann
Translation: Michael Robinson

In: Ingmar Alge, 2004 – 2008, Kunsthalle Lingen,
Verlag extra books, Berlin 2008